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Student Assistance Fund

In an effort to enhance learning opportunities for all Lakehead Public Schools students, The Lakehead Public Schools Foundation is proud to introduce a Student Assistance Fund (SAF) for the 2012-2013 school year.  The SAF will target all students within the Lakehead Public Schools system and will assist schools in helping students realize their dreams.

The LPSF will be distributing $500 to each elementary school and $1000 to each secondary school for a total of $17,500 for each school year.  These funds will be used to help students meet some of the challenging financial needs that face them throughout the school year.  Funds distributed through this initiative will be used for a variety of areas where students may need financial assistance, such as: field trip fees, uniforms, team fees, nutrition, eye and ear care, clothing, and emergency shelter situations.

You can help make a difference in a student's life by donating to the Student Assistance Fund today.  Please visit the how to donate page here or call 625-5214.


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